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Discover how this uniquely formulated medical ozone compound may be the solution for your chronic pain and suffering.

Medical Ozone Oxidative IV Therapy Q & A

Ozone Therapy and Oxidative Treatment was first discovered in 1840. Ozone is a highly energetic and reactive form of oxygen, that has been used medically in Europe for over a century. In fact, the renown European Dr. T.H. Oliver first revealed the effectiveness of Ozone therapy in the English healthcare book The Lancet in 1920. Since its discovery, a multitude of research has been performed and analyzed in highly regarded scientific research facilities, such as: Yale University, Harvard University, Baylor University, the University of California, Great Britain, Malaysia, France, Russia, Asia and Cuba. Several million treatments by ozone therapy have been performed worldwide. European countries along with Russia and Cuba have been pioneering the use of this approach in medicine for several decades.

It has been determined by many health care experts that there is a distinct link between lack of oxygen in the human tissues and cells and a wide range of health issues and illnesses.

The IV nutritional Ozone oxidative therapy performs at the Arkansas Regenerative Medical Center is a uniquely patented compound formulated by a well renowned physician in Dallas Texas, Dr. David Winslow.

We are so very fortunate to have access to this uniquely formulated compound to make it available to our patients in the North West Arkansas area, this formula allows for a safe and direct intravenous delivery mechanism through an IV drip with a duration of 25 to 30 minutes, It is extremely safe and has virtually no side effect, except for occasional mild Herzheimer reaction.

This uniquely formulated compound is over 50 times more effective and less invasive than other type of Ozone delivery methodologies, our formula is compounded in a liquid form of Ozone, which can be administered intravenously without being introduced via autohemotherapy, in which blood is drawn from the patient, exposed to ozone through a machine and re-injected into the patient. Although that methodology has its benefits, but it is more invasive and less effective than our uniquely formulated patented compound.

This uniquely formulated patented compound is formulated with Vitamin C, methylated B12, protein and colloidal silver, DMSO which enhance oxidation and helps the oxygen molecules to cross the blood brain barrier. In addition it is compounded with a highly concentrated Pharmaceutical grade chlorophyll with the actual trade name Visudyn. Visudyn has two distinct and specific functions in the human body, it is highly lipophilic as a result it dissolves plaque forming fatty tumors and lipids that clog blood vessels and thereby prevent stroke and heart attacks. In addition, Chlorophyll is also linked to the body’s production of red blood cells, it ensures the body's constant cell regeneration and for improving oxygen transport in the body and, therefore increase energy levels. This specially compounded Ozone oxidative formula helps to improve blood circulation by decreasing the thickness of blood vessels, cleans arteries and veins of clot and plaque, reduce cardiac arrhythmia, and selectively induce opoptosis (programmed cell death)

To put it simply, Ozone enhances the effectiveness of the Visudyn. And, Visudyn enhances the effectiveness of the Ozone.

“Typically when someone is taking Nitroglycerin for angina, chest pain due to blockage of the blood vessels of the heart or coronary arteries.

After 5 of these IVs they no longer need their nitroglycerin, this is a good way for them to know that the IV is actually working. We’ve seen cases that have had 99% arterial blockage that have completely gone, this IV can actually prevent bypass surgery in most cases”

-David Winslow, M.D.

When this Ozone compound is infused into the body, the ozone will brake down into oxygen particles within a millisecond and come into contact with anaerobic viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites and other harmful agents in the body.

These germs can live without oxygen, as can disease tissues. The oxygen oxidizes and kills these harmful agents, but doesn’t harm healthy tissue. The human body inherently has a natural ability to heal itself, imagine having oxygen infused into every single of the 37.2 trillion cells in your body, when the entire body is infuse and saturated with oxygen, the body becomes healthier and more vibrant while harmful toxins are eliminated.

This IV therapy is highly anti-infectious, it is highly anti- inflammatory, it boosts the immune system to fight infection; It is very well known that most illnesses and infections cannot survive in an oxidative rich environment. It improves brain function and memory, enhance hormone balance and slows down aging.

Oxygen pays a key part in energy delivery by all cells and muscles in the human body including the heart. If the proper amount of energy is produced by the cells chronic fatigue, chronic pain and fibromyalgia will not happen or at least less than before.

IV nutritional ozone oxidative therapy offer significant great health benefits for the following conditions:

  • Coronary Heart Disease (Angina)
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia
  • Lyme Disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Chronic Joint inflammation
  • Acute & Chronic Infection
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Chronic Pain Syndrome
  • Asthma
  • Mental Fog, etc.

If you or a love one is suffering from any of the above conditions, you owe it to yourself to call our office for an appointment to see if you or your love one is a qualifying candidate for IV nutritional Ozone Oxidative Therapy.

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